Bison Bede are one of the premier stairlift manufacturers in the UK, and have been designing stairlifts for more than twenty years.

They produce both curved and straight home systems, are a well established business with offices all around the world.

With excellent quality control and after sales service, Bison Bede could be the perfect choice for your stairlift in Nottingham

Their 3 main systems are:

The Bison Compact system for outdoor use
The Bison 80 system for curved stairs
The Bison 50 system designed for straight staircases.

Both the 50 and 80 systems are available in either sitting or standing models. Also the 80 system has a patented self-levelling system that ensures you are always sitting upright during the stairlifts journey. The chair step starts and ends at ground level making it very easy to get on and off.  It also has an extremely thin rail system that blends seamlessly into your home.

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