Stairlift Nottingham – The Advantages in Your Home

If you live in a home with more than one storey and have people living with you who are unable to climb stairs comfortably, then what you need is a stair lift. Stair lifts are extremely useful, especially in cases where you cannot afford to add another room to your ground floor. Stair lifts also saves you from the hassle of shifting houses again and again.

Stair lifts come in wide varieties. Some stair lifts have a chair fixed on them, and the person who needs to move to another floor sits on it and can thus easily be transported to the other floor. Another kind of stair life has a platform instead of a chair, and is especially useful if there is need to move the ill person in a wheelchair, or if the person prefers to stand rather than sit.

A stair lift runs on wheels that move along a railing that is fitted into your staircase, and upon pressing a single button the lift moves the person or thing on the platform or chair onto the next floor. This convenience is becoming fairly common in homes having elderly people, since it provides them ease of movement.

The biggest advantage of this is that it provides mobility to the person who needs it. Furthermore, stair lifts gives you complete independence and you can easily move about from one floor to another without asking for help from anyone.

The second advantage is that it saves you from either spending a lot of money on constructing new living space downstairs, or from moving people around the house to reshuffle the rooms so that the person unable to climb the stairs can have a room downstairs. This also saves you from having to move, or get another bathroom constructed if you don’t have one on the ground floor.

Thirdly, it can carry heavy loads on it, up to four hundred pounds, and you can also use this to move objects between floors. No longer will you have to carry heavy furniture up the stairs when you are redecorating. You can now put those things on the stair lift and have it carry the load for you.

This system is not only for use of the person who is ill. Children will love it and use it as a game, and anyone can use it if they are unable to climb up or down the steps. So, if someone is feeling very tired, or are for whatever reason unwilling to climb up the stairs, they can use this as well. If someone does not want to take the risk of climbing or descending the stairs themselves, for example pregnant women, then this is a great option for them as well.

The lift operates on battery or on your regular electricity supply. The battery option is more expensive, but they will also function during a power outage. Stair lifts are also really safe, and also there is no danger of someone falling from it as it offers a very smooth ride.

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