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Stairlifts are sometimes also called Stair Lifts, electric stairlifts, and stair gliders. They are
essentially just an aid for people that have difficulties climbing the stairs. They are basically a chair
on rails that is able to help handicapped or elderly people regain their mobility by removing the problem of climbing stairs.

Chairlifts are now affordable to more people than ever before thanks to new technology, enabling people to access all levels of their home rather than being trapped on one floor of their house.

Stairlifts are generally constructed using Aluminium rails, and incorporates a chair which glides up the stairs driven by a pulley, chain or using driven wheels or cogs.

The chair with backrest foot rest and arm rails is usually facing sideways during its travel up the stairs. It can be made to work on straight stairs or to curve around most corners, making the stairlift available for virtually any home.

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Heavy duty wheelchair stair lifts are also available, using a platform for the wheelchair rather than a seat, however these are more often used in more public areas.

Stairlifts are extremely easy to install. The are either electric or battery powered, and can be plugged in to the nearest electrical outlet. Battery operated units have the advantage of being able to work even during a power cut, but the batteries do need to be replaced over time.

Most modern units can be fixed to the stair treads, so requires no messy drilling into your walls, and can be installed as close as 6.75 inches from the wall, leaving more usable stair area for foot traffic.

While not being used, the units generally have seats, footrests and armrests that fold away, out of the way of other users. They also usually have seat belts and swivelling seats allowing access from 90 and 45 degree angles.

All stairlifts are equipped with a safety system that will stop the chairs movement if it comes into contact with any object, for example a person or animal.

Curved stairlifts can be custom made so that they fit any stair configuration, such as inside and outside curves, landings and hallways.

Stairlifts that operate on battery power have a charging dock at the top and bottom of the run, so that it automatically reconnects to its power source and charges while the unit is not in use, making it available and fully charged at all times.

Outdoor stairlifts are used when getting from your house to our garden, garage or driveway is a problem. They are water-resistant and weatherproof. They are designed specifically for outdoor situations, using plastic seats rather than cloth, and re-chargeable battery power for safety.

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